Der Podcast rund um Roadtrips, Retro-Kult und neue Passion für automobile Klassik

This is a blog about cars. Cars and car culture. Car culture and the lifestyle that goes with it. This is about the joy you felt as a kid, when the sound and look of a sportscar passing by gave you the chills, long before you understood the concept of it all. We still bear that sense of wonder today and we're sure you do as well. That’s why we are committed to delivering the essence of that feeling embodied in our images and words, sharing stories of like-minded motorists, mechanics and maniacs. Because this is our passion. But it's more than passion. It's an obsession. In fact, its even more than that. It's pleasure, in its purest form.

And if something is so pure and rooted in the soil, it is called "grundehrlich"


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